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Jan WoodMy journey of ministry continues to be amazing and delightful. I would never have guessed all the ways I have been privileged to serve. The roles and opportunities keep changing. I have gotten to serve in institutional roles as pastor, campus minister, professor, administrator, founder and director of GOOD NEWS Associates as well as non-institutional ministries of prayer, writing, speaking, organizational consulting and spiritual direction. But the through line is that I love to help groups and individuals to get “from here to there.”

The vision for GOOD NEWS Asscociates was born in 1998. I had left Wilmington College a year earlier to be faithful to the writing and speaking I felt called to do. During this adventure of changing careers, many people began to share the dreams of ministry hidden in their own hearts. It was clear to me that God’s Spirit was moving over many people—calling them to infuse the world with the love of God through their own giftedness and expertise. Yet, there were few vehicles available to encourage and support folks once they stepped out in faith.

It was also clear from my experience that to be successful in non-traditional ministry, individuals needed professional identity, ministry infrastructures, networking expertise, discernment and accountability to those also embarked on a similar path of obedience. So with the founding Board of Directors, we formed GOOD NEWS Associates to do just that. It was incorporated in the State of Washington as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to support Christian ministries in October 1998.

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