Spiritual Giftedness

Spiritual giftedness is a portion of God’s heart and power flowing through us. Our giftedness seems to be woven into the very fabric of our being. You can see it in small children. It is operative in folks who consider themselves religious and those who don’t. It feels like a natural part of being. What we don’t realize is that others do not have the same giftedness as we do. In fact other gifts may seem to be in conflict and are held in tension together as participants in groups and organizations discern together.

Observation would indicate that while everyone is gifted and are motivated by them in some fashion, the fullness of God’s love and goodness becomes a life-giving, artesian spring flowing through us when we are aware and intentional about being connected with God’s heart and Spirit.

It is also my observation that giftedness can be used in service of both good or evil, used well or misused. Most commonly, we are all a tangle of giftedness and coping mechanism, glory and brokenness. We all have the important task of Listening-past-and-through the human tangle to hear and see the fingerprint of God working through one another. It is one of the tasks of spiritual formation to increasingly remove from the barnacles of an encrusted life that obscures the Light and beauty of radiant faithfulness.

Jan is an experienced retreat leader who often does spiritual gifts retreats for churches, Meetings, organizations and even businesses. In those retreats she uses three handouts that are now available for you to use in your own group. Feel free to copy and use as it is helpful to you.

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