Christine Betz Hall — Braided Water Ministry
Emily Provance — Ministry of Hearth Building
Jan Wood — Director, GOOD NEWS Associates
Margaret Fraser — Accompaniment and Reconciliation

Associates are the heart of Good News Associates. The mission of GNA is to support the work of its Associates who in turn will be offering the services of their ministries to the broader public.

The ministries of the Associates have several distinct characteristics in common:

  • Each ministry requires financial and emotional freedom to find the time and space in which to be faithful to the process–and thus to the ministry.
  • Each ministry falls outside the scope of most churches and para-church organizations.
  • Each ministry needs to belong to a working community for a sense of professional identity, for networking and expertise, for financial stability, for ministry infrastructure, for promotion and development, and for discernment and accountability.

The process of joining GOOD NEWS Associates is a step by step process of mutual discernment of the potential Associate, the existing Associates and the Board of Directors. For more information, contact Jan Wood, Director of GOOD NEWS Associates

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