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A program for spiritual growth and faithful action from the wisdom of Quaker spirituality.

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Forgiveness Freed to Love Banner

Forgiveness: Freed to Love

Based on a new Pendle Hill Pamphlet, a retreat July 31-August 3, 2023 will explore a Life-giving paradigm of forgiveness that restores the flow of Divine Presence within and towards others.

Trees reaching out to each other at Crater Lake, Oregon

A Daily Dose of Wonder

THIS WEEK I WATCHED AN EPISODE of “The Nature of Things” called the “Intelligence of Trees.” It was a fascinating account of how academic studies are finding that trees—through their root...
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The State of Society

MANY QUAKER MEETINGS write annual "state of" reports. How we do it differs a lot. My own yearly meeting asks each local meeting to write a "state of the meeting" report, and then these reports are...
Jesus' Joy filled face

Intentionality of Joy

"These things I have spoken to you so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full" —John 15:11 EARLY IN THIS SEASON OF ADVENT, my daughter brought home a new addition to our Christmas...
Driveway with sign saying 17th Century Meetinghouse

The joy of reciprocity

The track leading to Colthouse Meeting VISITING AMONG FRIENDS RECENTLY felt like oxygen to me, after COVID lock-downs and the forced cancelation of earlier travel plans. With Sophie’s hospitality of...
Gulkana Hiking Bridge

Bridges to Faithful Action

Life-giving intentions serve as a kind of bridge between our lived reality and our values or ideals. Like a bridge, we’re on one side of a crossing; we can see the far side. Intentions offer solid support for steps forward.

Centered in Spirit Orbit Banner

Centered in Spirit

Part 1 of 2 reflections on intentions for a committed spiritual life: A life centered in the Divine is like a planet in secure orbit, always oriented around the Spirit. Core intentions toward a life-centered in God will redirect us toward inner attentiveness, openness, trust, and letting go.

Glider Bus, Belfast

“You’re Not from These Shores, Are Ye?”

USUALLY, WHEN I’M ASKED A VARIATION of the “Where are you from?” question, I get annoyed, because the questioner, maybe unwittingly, is claiming his/her territory, and I am perceived as ‘other’ — an...
Beckey at the Beach


UNDERGIRDING ALL THE PERSPECTIVES AND THEOLOGIES about the death and resurrection of Jesus rests an existential truth. The essence of Godness is Life. God creator, sustainer, healer, transformer,...
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Ordinary Kindness

My daughter, Belinda, and our Shih Tzu—a.k.a. Crouton—can be seen walking together in our neighborhood. Belinda is friendly and open hearted, so she knows the names of many of our two and four...

About Us

GOOD NEWS Associates is a Christian, nonprofit, ministry organization supporting individuals who are called to non-institutional ministries.

Faithfulness to God’s call doesn’t always match the regular slots that life provides us. In fact, it appears that God is raising up a wonderful assortment of gifts and ministries that don’t fit into the regular institutional positions for ministry at all. People are finding themselves called to do work for which there is no job or paycheck attached.

GOOD NEWS Associates understands this challenge and supports people called to non-institutional Christian ministries in the fields of writing, speaking and teaching, art, music, drama, and dance; contemplative prayer, and service.

GOOD NEWS Associates walks with individuals as they are led by the Spirit of God, liberating them to be obedient to the unfolding shape of their calls. The organization also offers professional identity, ministry infrastructure, networking and synergy, discernment and accountability.

Associates are the heart of the organization. They are persons whose have affiliated their ministry with GOOD NEWS Associates. They are supported by a combination of contributions and ministry related income. They fully participate in the privileges and responsibilities of the organization.

GOOD NEWS Associates began under the vision and leadership of Jan Wood, Director and Associate, incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in 1998. Board members include Marge Abbott, Julie Peyton, Jonathan Vogel-Borne, Lorraine Watson, and Becky Wood.

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Board & Associates Gathering 2019

Jan Wood, Emily Provance, Jonathan Vogel-Borne, Becky Wood, Julie Peyton, Lorraine Watson, Christine Hall, Marge Abbott, Margaret Fraser

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