Margaret Fraser (emeritas)

Margaret FraserI am a Quaker with ecumenical experience and growing interfaith connections. I have represented Friends on programs of the World Council of Churches and have also co-led experiential workshops on Quaker worship at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Thirty years ago, I made a transition from university teaching in the UK, moved to Richmond, Indiana. I graduated from Earlham School of Religion and served Quaker organizations in the USA. After retirement I twice served as an intentional interim pastor.

One of my concerns is for peacebuilding, especially in communities that are emerging from conflict. Some communities are able to live together in the midst of significant cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. Others are stressed by those differences, to the point of exclusion and violence. Contested space becomes an ongoing challenge to flourishing life.

My ministries include hospitality and spiritual accompaniment, both in terms of where I live, and traveling ministry. I am now living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where, despite 25 years of ‘peace’, community self-segregation continues in housing and education, and poorer communities experience the daily influence of paramilitaries.

Margaret’s Ministries

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