2024 Invitations

by | Feb 1, 2023 | WotS Latest Offerings

Open Invitations


Discerning Ministry in 2024, from Chris Hall

My ministry schedule is open and aiming to be responsive to the Spirit’s guidance as things unfold. I’m being led into more writing. An article was published in Western Friend in January titled,“Forgiveness in a World Aflame” I’ve been exploring spiritual practices on my blog, and even recorded a guided meditation of the Welcoming Prayer.

My sense at the moment (winter 2024), is that the upcoming 2024 election cycle may cause social turmoil close to home. If you share this concern and decline to be hopeless about preventing election violence, please check out the work of Emily Provance, a Quaker ministry colleague: https://quakeremily.wordpress.com/2023/11/21/choosing-hope-election-violence-prevention/ She’s hosting online conversations with an abundance of well-researched background and practical strategies.

Added to the burdens of horrific news cycles from Ukraine and Israel-Gaza, my guess is that in 2024 fewer folks will want to commit to in depth residential retreats or an ongoing spiritual growth program.

Regardless, if your group or faith community wishes a speaker or facilitated retreat experience, please inquire. Some of the topics stirring in my heart include forgiveness, contemplative prayer, and spiritual growth using the Enneagram personality framework.