Workshops & Retreats: Christine Hall

I offer an experiential approach to facilitation and spiritual exploration. We learn by doing—by trying things and reflecting together on our unique experiences of the Spirit. Our sessions weave meaning and implications through engaged collaboration.

Some Themes Explored on Retreat:

  • Prayer or spiritual practices which turn us toward what Quakers name the Inner Guide, Inner Light or Inward Christ. Diverse approaches integrating mind, body and heart.
  • Contemplation and Action—the integrated dynamic of inner prayer and outward witness or service.
  • Spiritual Discernment—making big or seemingly ordinary decisions with God; Discerning with thoughts, emotions, and with others in Quaker clearness process.
  • Living Leadings—models of faithful service and activism, tending your spiritual giftedness, and becoming everyday prophets in the Quaker tradition.
  • The Holy Between Us—a spirituality of belonging, inclusion, forgiveness, and being community in the Spirit.
  • A Life-Giving Approach to the Bible—inviting a healing and empathetic relationship with Christian and Hebrew scripture.