Thanksgiving and the Joy of the New

by | November 24, 2021 | Seeds eNewsletter

MY SPIRIT IS FILLED TO OVERWHELMING with the ways our GOOD NEWS Associates community has undergirded us with support this year—monetarily, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. The pandemic has made it impossible to do our ministries in the usual ways. Yet each Associate has partnered with the Spirit to be agile and faithful. New things have been birthed. New ways of doing things have emerged. While we would all love to get back to the “way things were,” I suspect that we are heading into the future with more capabilities and resilience. We can’t help but be grateful for the steadfast Presence of God among us all.

To all, I express our gratitude!

During this period of liminality, we have been refreshing the public face of GOOD NEWS.

  • Our logo has been updated to reflect the flow of the seed being rooted in God’s presence sprouting and growing into a hardy expression of God’s love.
  • Our domain name has changed to to be more intuitive.
  • Our email addresses now reflect that change:

  • Our new website is not only a feast for the eyes, it is designed for increased functionality. You can discover the depth of GOOD NEWS Associates by exploring the pages of each Associate. Additionally, you can click on the Ministries menu and see the variety of ministries that our organization can offer through the various Associates. Our Way of the Spirit program is easily accessible. For Donations and Fees, you have a clear way to indicate what your payment is intended for. If you just want to go straight to an article, handout, blog or book, you can go directly to Resources. As with any new and complex website, you may find a glitch or two. We appreciate your collaborative improvement, so please let us know by emailing the issue to

There is a special shout out to Chris and Jim Hall who created our new logo and website graphics. Chris Hall, Margaret Fraser and Jonathan Vogel-Borne were the group that labored to design and create the new website. Jonathan donated huge amounts of time and expertise to bring the site to life.

We are grateful for all of you journeying with us over these years.
We hope these changes will delight you with the buoyancy that newness brings.

Jan Wood is an Associate and the Executive Director of GOOD NEWS Associates.