by | Apr 25, 2022 | Seeds eNewsletter

UNDERGIRDING ALL THE PERSPECTIVES AND THEOLOGIES about the death and resurrection of Jesus rests an existential truth. The essence of Godness is Life. God creator, sustainer, healer, transformer, redeemer. Everything of God’s nature is working toward Life. Robust, joy filled, creative generativity. In contrast, the unholy/not-God can be easily recognized because its methods and aims are destruction and dissolution. Fear, domination and death.

The spiritual physics of the matter is that the unholy relies on destruction to maintain power. Its systems are wired to greet all obstacles with this wonton domination. While it wields its horror in this world to be sure; ultimately, it by nature must self-destruct. That is its nature. Life on the other hand, may take a blow. It may be counted down and out, but it cannot stay dead. Afterall, to state the obvious, it is Life. Birth and rebirth are its spiritual DNA. So in the specificity of Easter we celebrate that Jesus, a full participant in Godness, could not stay dead.

But we also celebrate that every act of Godness we contribute to the world is also eternal. The wonder of the biblical narrative is that the author of Life invites the likes of you and me to join the nature of God. Same hopes, same perspectives, same methods, same outcomes. (John 14:6) Whether it is the grand scope of our achievements or the small print of our lives, each collaboration with the nature of God brings God’s love and purposes bursting through our lives. We get to be part of the expansive, good-hearted, healing, creative and mending presence of the Holy in the world. Every thought and act of Godness bears fruit in due time. None can stay dead and wasted. It turns out that it is resurrection Easter for all of us.

. . . now how good is that?!?