Queries for Essays on a Quaker Vision of Gospel Order

“Peaceable Kingdom,” a woodcut by Fritz Eichenberg

Essays on the Quaker Vision of Gospel Order is one of my favorite Quaker books of all time. Author Lloyd Lee Wilson defines gospel order as “the order established by God that exists in every part of creation, transcending the chaos that seems so often prevalent. It is the right relationship of every part of creation, however small, to every other part and to the creator.”

Wilson’s essays delve deeply into concepts such as travel in the ministry, covenant community, testimonies, and relationship with Scripture. I have turned to this book time and time again.

Now, with Wilson’s permission, I’m sharing chapter-by-chapter queries (click image below to download/view PDF) that I’ve used with reading groups.

You can purchase the book itself from QuakerBooks, the Friends United Meeting bookstore, or Barclay Press.

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Quaker Vision of Gospel Order Queries