Spiritual Centering Workshop 2024

by | Jan 12, 2024 | WotS Latest Offerings

DO YOU WANT TO BE MORE CENTERED IN 2024? The challenging months ahead will need truly centered people and groups. Centering helps sustain us—our equanimity, our health and strength, and our best hopes—as we face changing times.

Some guidance and a supportive community can make the difference. The upcoming online workshop welcomes beginners, seekers, and all who long to deepen their relationship with the Holy. It introduces the practice of Centering Prayer—a silent time of rest in the Divine Presence. Sessions include teaching, guided experiences, and group sharing.

Our explorations will be rooted in Quaker contemplative spirituality, welcoming diverse language for participants’ sense of the Holy as Spirit, God, Christ, Jesus, or Inner Guide. The online format and low fees aim to make this vital practice more accessible. Please join us!


Spiritual Centering Workshop

  • Two Saturday sessions online: This content will repeat later in 2024. If you’re interested in a future offering, please let me know: christine@goodnewsassciates.org
    • CLOSED February 10th and March 9th, 9:00am-12pm Pacific Time. Attend February 10th as a stand alone workshop, or followup with session two, March 9th, to share experiences and encouragement for integration in daily life.
  • Fees, $50 per session.
  • Facilitated by Christine Betz Hall, founder of Way of the Spirit retreat and contemplative learning program.
  • Apply online by February 3rd 



  • Session One: Centering Prayer introduces the purposes, Centering Prayer process, and natural resistances to spiritual centering, followed by a guided experience and group reflection.
  • Session Two: Centering in Action explores participants’ experiences of the influence of Centering Prayer on their spiritual growth, daily lives, and efforts toward social change. Additional teaching introduces the Welcoming Prayer for use in the midst of high intensity situations.  The workshop will conclude with a guided Welcoming Prayer and group reflection.


Guiding Queries

  • How could you grow in nonjudgmental self-observation and inner spiritual awareness?
  • How could you stretch in trust in the Spirit—God, the Divine, Christ, or the Inner Guide?
  • What hinders your centering? What helps?
  • How does centering influence your daily life and actions?
  • How will you listen and encourage others in self-discovery and soul growth through contemplative group processes?


More About This Topic

Fee, $50 per session

This workshop is offered with minimal fees as a gift for the new year. The topic is so central and so needed, that planners want cost to be no barrier. Fees are payable to Good News Associates, the non-profit of which Way of the Spirit is part. If fees are still a hardship, please contact christine@goodnewsassociates.org.

  • Participants may attend one or both sessions. Session 1 is required to join session 2.
  • More on the Way of the Spirit approach, who participates, FAQs, resources, and application online: goodnewsassociates.org/way-of-the-spirit
  • Apply online by February 3, 2024