Enneagram Retreat Oct 2023

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FIND YOURSELF IN THE ENNEAGRAM —an ancient wisdom tool for self-discovery and transformation. Enneagram newbies, dabblers, and experienced practitioners all welcome. We’ll explore Enneagram personality types through our varied capacities for doing, thinking, and feeling. Integrating the three can help free our best qualities! Supportive spiritual community on retreat can encourage us through our challenges. With complementary spiritual practices, the Enneagram can fuel a life-long journey toward wholeness and the Holy.

  • Facilitated by Christine Betz Hall, founder of Way of the Spirit retreat and contemplative learning program.
  • Thursday evening 5pm through Sunday 11am: three nights’ lodging and meals at St. Benedict Guesthouse, Mt. Angel, Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, about one hour south of the Portland airport.
  • Group size limited to 15. Apply by September 27th for this popular offering.


Guiding Queries

  • How do you recognize and articulate signals of your True or best self in action (Enneagram Essence)?
  • What are your unique strengths, challenges, and blind spots in doing, thinking, and feeling (Enneagram Centers of Intelligence, Triads, and Stances)?
  • What are the implications for your relationships, including relationship with the Holy/God/Christ/the Spirit?
  • What kinds of prayer or spiritual practices help you integrate thinking, doing, or feeling? How can you stretch in faithful trust for wholeness and freedom?
  • How will you listen and encourage others in self-discovery and soul growth through contemplative group processes?



The retreat will include group worship, teaching, experiential practices, quiet time, small group sharing, and whole group reflection. This retreat is content heavy. The wide arc of topics includes:

  • “Coming Home”: Begin with what you already know about your best qualities, your authentic nature, True Self, or self in God. Enneagram wisdom calls it “Essence,” and it points a unique direction Home for diverse personality types. Our retreat begins with a hopeful vision of what is possible.
  • Kinds of Intelligence: Explore the nine Enneagram personality Types through their strengths in doing, thinking, or feeling (Centers of Intelligence). We’ll reflect on related patterns in our own prayer and spiritual practices, learn from others with differing approaches, and engage spiritual hospitality for the wholeness of our body, mind, and emotions.
  • Growth through Stress: What happens when we’re not at our best? Our strengths can become unhealthy personality traps (Enneagram “Passions”). We’ll note red flags for each Type, Enneagram “Stress Numbers,” and map the Enneagram’s natural resources to keep growing through challenging times. We’ll try prayer or spiritual practices to support non-judgmental self-awareness and “manage” the dominant center of intelligence.
  • In Weakness is Strength: The soul flourishes when we engage our least used and weakest capacity for doing, thinking or feeling. Enneagram “Stances” describe “repressed” centers of intelligence for each Type. We’ll review prayer or spiritual practices to “bring up” the weaker capacity, and explore implications for growing a more trusting relationship with the Divine.
  • Wholeness and The Holy: To wrap it all up, will introduce unique “paths of integration” for each Type (Security Numbers). We will invite participants to receive soul messages for healing and wholeness.


More About This Approach

Beyond trendy labels and memes, Chris’s blog reflections explore a nuanced spiritual application of Enneagram wisdom:


Fee, $775

Fees cover three nights’ lodging, meals, and program. Payable to Good News Associates, the non-profit of which Way of the Spirit is part

From Participants:

Not only is learning about my Enneagram type giving me context for both my giftedness and my major stumbling blocks, it also offers tools to build up my strengths and get less derailed by my stressors.  – Sarah, participant 2022

Chris offered images, stories, profiles that led us quite intuitively into the Enneagram framework. Her approach favored listening, reflecting, wondering. It was both gentle and potent as both a personal and community formation experience. – Kathie, participant 2022

The Enneagram workshop was really helpful for us as a group to begin to understand and share a vocabulary about our similarities and differences. It has helped me be a better team and community member. I’ve had so many conversations since then exploring who we are and how we can work together, appreciate our different strengths and motivations, and better ask for what we need.  – Rachel, participant 2022