Enneagram Retreat Oct 2023

by | Mar 23, 2023 | WotS Latest Offerings

FIND YOURSELF IN THE ENNEAGRAM —an ancient wisdom tool for self-discovery and transformation. Reflect with encouraging spiritual community, as we learn from and celebrate our differences.

This three-night residential retreat will explore the nine Enneagram personality types. Our practical approach will help promote integration and spiritual growth. Enneagram newbies, dabblers, and experienced practitioners all welcome.

  • Facilitated by Christine Betz Hall, founder of Way of the Spirit retreat and learning program
  • Thursday evening 5pm through Sunday 1pm, three nights’ lodging and meals at St. Benedict Guesthouse, Mt. Angel, OR
  • Program includes teaching, personal reflection, spiritual practices, and small group sharing.
  • Guiding queries:
    • How do you recognize and tend the best of who you are (true/authentic self or Enneagram Essence)?
    • What are your strengths, challenges, and blind spots in doing, thinking, and feeling (Enneagram Centers of Intelligence, Triads, and Stances)?
    • What could you learn from others who experience life in similar ways?
    • How might you grow in 
appreciation for those who see and respond to life very differently?
  •  For implications beyond trendy labels and stereotypes, read Chris’s blog reflections:
  • Fee: $775 to Good News Associates, the non-profit of which Way of the Spirit is part
  • Participants may continue in a year-long program online and in person: Called to a Committed Life.
  • More on the Way of the Spirit approach, who participates, FAQs, resources, and application online: goodnewsassociates.org/way-of-the-spirit
  • Apply online by October 1, 2023 

From Participants:

Not only is learning about my Enneagram type giving me context for both my giftedness and my major stumbling blocks, it also offers tools to build up my strengths and get less derailed by my stressors.  – Sarah, participant 2022

Chris offered images, stories, profiles that led us quite intuitively into the Enneagram framework. Her approach favored listening, reflecting, wondering. It was both gentle and potent as both a personal and community formation experience. – Kathie, participant 2022

The Enneagram workshop was really helpful for us as a group to begin to understand and share a vocabulary about our similarities and differences. It has helped me be a better team and community member. I’ve had so many conversations since then exploring who we are and how we can work together, appreciate our different strengths and motivations, and better ask for what we need.  – Rachel, participant 2022