Is Way of the Spirit for you?

WotS We Serve w flame-01People who get the most out of Way of the Spirit are able to reflect on their inner lives, show willingness to share authentically, as well as reveal maturity to listen to others with openness and respect.

To assist your discernment, please consider the following statements. If you find yourself echoed here, or feel inward affirmation, Way of the Spirit may be a meaningful experience for you:

  • I recognize my life as a journey with and into God.
  • I desire to develop my capacity for silence, inward listening and expectant waiting on the Spirit.
  • I sense a nudge or follow a call to serve others in small daily ways or larger ministry.
  • I wish to become more aware of and responsive to Divine guidance.
  • I am willing to be changed, or transformed by the exercise of the Spirit.
  • I am prepared to be taught by the ongoing Judeo-Christian narrative—to engage the Bible in life-giving ways, and explore models of discernment and Spirit-led service from Quakers and the Christian heritage.
  • I am able to make the space and time to read assigned materials in preparation for this retreat or retreats.
  • I can talk about my inner spiritual life honestly within trusting confidential relationships.
  • I am mature enough and at a place in my life where I can listen to others respectfully and maintain confidentiality when appropriate.
  • I am open to exploring and translating the spiritual language of others so that communication flows freely within our ecumenical groups.
  • I am willing to hold other retreatants and the event in prayer, or in the Light.