Way of the Spirit Program Content

Each Mini-Course below can stand alone. Choose one or more, or attend all in sequence. Courses will not repeat until Fall 2021. Mini-Course topics represent core Way of the Spirit program content that can build from one course to the next. Readings and prayerful community invite relevant and engaging exploration of Christian and Quaker wisdom.

Listen—Personal Spiritual Awareness and Discernment

  • Recognize and articulate personal spiritual awareness
  • Grow in spiritual discernment— your capacity to sort inner Divine Guidance from other influences.
  • Reflect with models of self, God and transformation
  • Learn from Quakers everyday mysticism, “leadings” as ordinary Divine guidance
  • Explore varieties of personal prayer—contemplative release, silence, words, images, movement,
    creative arts…
  • Practice authentic sharing, contemplative listening and response
  • Scripture: helpful approaches for the inner life with God.

Forgive—Relationships in the Holy

  • Better articulate and join the action of the Spirit between/among people
  • Imagine a motley crew becoming a beloved community—the power of the Spirit to transform
  • Experience forgiveness of self, God, or others, as the freedom of release
  • Explore prayer on behalf of others
  • Practice authentic sharing, contemplative listening and response

“Follow the Life” in Prayer and Practice

  • Where is the Life—a Quaker term for the presence and power of the Holy—in your prayer or spiritual practice? How could you be more connected, attuned, or energized by your relationship with God?
  • Explore and reflect on varieties of personal prayer—contemplative release, silence, words, images, movement,
    creative arts…
  • Learn from Quakers’ everyday mysticism, integrating spiritual awareness and ordinary life
  • Engage a life-giving approach to the Bible
  • Stretch your prayer on behalf of others—upholding and “intercession”
  • Practice authentic sharing, contemplative listening and response

Accompany—Foster Sacred Conversations

  • Grow in companionship as spiritual practice in sacred and secular settings
  • Learn from Quaker models of Spirit-led “eldering” or spiritual accompaniment
    • Other faith traditions might call this “spiritual direction.” The Way of the Spirit approach is less formal, more integrated with the ordinary in family, work, or faith community.
    • Read a blog post on this “Invisible Ministry”.
  • Practice contemplative presence on behalf of another
  • Pray or uphold other participants in the Life and Goodness of God
  • Collaborate with the Holy Spirit in interactions that nurture, affirm, and support another
  • Reflect on your own inner life in sacred conversation with other participants practicing spiritual accompaniment

Be “Led”—Spiritual Giftedness and Everyday Ministry

  • Grow in discernment for service or ministry—as Quakers aim to be “led” by the Holy Spirit
  • Integrate inward prayer and outward actions in service to others
  • Honor your spiritual giftedness—the unique-to-you, natural expression of God in action
  • Experiment and reflect on following inner Guidance,
  • Learn from Quaker and Christian models of universal ministry —lived faith, intentionally exercised toward others
  • Practice powerful group processes for discerning and supporting leadings—Quaker clearness committees and peer accountability groups