Origins of Way of the Spirit

When Christine Hall graduated from the ecumenical Seattle University School of Theology and Minstry in 2008, she began a dialogue with the School of the Spirit Ministry in Philadelphia. They explored whether a similar Quaker contemplative study program might be developed and offered in the West. She met with core teachers and attended a Board meeting in January 2009 to reflect on possibilities. The SotS Board appointed an accompaniment group which met regularly with Christine for two years. In December 2009, she facilitated a  consultation in Seattle, WA, to assess need and interest in a regional program. Read the Consultation Epistle.

A local start up committee helped her draft a formal proposal to the School of the Spirit Board in January 2010. The School of the Spirit Board declined the proposal. So with the support of an anchor committee under the care of Port Townsend Monthly Meeting, then Whidbey Island Friends Meeting (Quakers), Christine began offering retreats in March of 2011. After joining Good News Associates in June 2011, she launched the first Way of the Spirit retreat cycle in January 2012. The first retreat in the year-and-a-half program cycle is offered in February each year. In 2017, six separate class groups have participated, totaling 75 people.

Informed by School of the Spirit

A message from Mike Green and Patty Levering,
Core Teachers in the School of the Spirit Program on Becoming a Spiritual Nurturer:

“We recognize that the difficulties of geographical distance, structures of accountability, and financial issues make SotS unable to be the birth-giver of a program in the northwest at this time. We rejoice in Chris’s association with Good News Associates and what that can make possible.

We believe that the work that is coming through Chris is coming in submission to the same Spirit out of which arises the School of the Spirit Ministry. SotS gives its blessing to the work she and another or other teachers will develop.” —April 2011