Module 1 – Discernment

 Module 1: Spiritual Discernment 

February 17-20, 2017Way of the Spirit Logo lg flame dk ltrs

This retreat begins a six-retreat cycle lasting two years.

  • Better recognize God’s inner guidance
  • Strengthen understanding of discernment in Christian and Quaker heritage
  • Explore early Quakers’ wisdom on leadings
  • Engage an empathic approach to scripture
  • Apply wisdom from the early desert followers of Jesus and Ignatius of Loyola
  • Learn to distinguish self and Spirit
  • Live with courageous obedience into spiritual gifts and leadings
  • Integrate content with contemplation, small group dialogue & worship
  • Prepare with approx. 200 pages of assigned reading before the retreat.

Quiet time for integration on retreat.

Participants may continue in the Way of the Spirit program, or attend the first module as a stand alone retreat.* Continuing program participants will follow up Module 1 with retreats five more retreats over two years. They commit to daily prayer, monthly phone conferences, sharing in a private online reflection group, personal spiritual experiments, and spiritual direction/guidance sessions.

* February’s retreat introduces key processes for spiritual formation in community; Later retreats are open to continuing participants only.