What Others Say

Changed: Daily prayer is one of the most important things I’ve gotten from this program. It’s helped to reorient me. I came to this program to be changed and I was. —Jana, participant 

Balance: I’m in complete awe of <Way of the Spirit> — the balance between mystical experience and intellectual rigor. —Julie Peyton, guest presenter on everyday prophets

For our Hearts: It’s not theology… It’s vocabulary for our hearts. —Katie, participant

Need to be Grounded: There is an ever greater need for this program to ground [participants] in the roots of our faith, and to activate and develop our gifts. We need people to attend Way of the Spirit to be better prepared to demonstrate balance and rootedness, to be discerning Spirit-led action and experiencing joy in the Presence, even in these difficult times. —Anne, participant 

Truth of My GiftsThere has been MUCH change, most of it life altering …forty-plus years of soul searching snapped into focus. …I discovered the truth of my gifts. This changes lives and hearts. —Al, participant 

A Child of God: Trying out various prayers was transformational for my own spiritual development because it allowed me to learn about myself as a spiritual person, a child of God.   —Avery, participant 

To Build On: Way of the Spirit has proven invaluable for my spiritual growth as a Quaker and as a person. I am impressed with the careful preparation of the curriculum. It was wonderful to experience my own personal growth while witnessing the growth of those taking the course with me. I loved experiencing and celebrating our insights together! I know each of us will carry this with us and build upon it in the future.    —Carla, participant 2020

When the Stress is High: I am so blessed to have the Way of the Spirit experience – it has added huge dimensions to my life – major expansions of my concepts of God, spiritual practice, discernment, community… well, every topic in the program. …my life has so much added joy and awareness.  I do hope my actions this year will stem from that deeper place of Love, even when stress is high.   —Promise, participant 

Something to offer the wider Christian world: This is a time when many people are examining the role of faith and spirituality in their lives, and looking for something really fresh and authentic. I think that the Spirit-led nature of Quaker tradition and practice offers something that people all around, certainly in the wider Christian world, are looking for. They’re looking for fresh language that has an authenticity, that is grounded in a living tradition.
I look at the emergent church… and think that people are rediscovering practices that have been alive and grounded in Quaker communities for hundreds of years. So we have something to offer to that conversation, and I hope a flexibility and a generosity within a grounding in Christian tradition that can be really life giving. Noah Baker Merrill, Guest Presenter, Module 3: Spirit-Led Service

Blending of content:  <One> thing I have found meaningful about Way of the Spirit is the balance of Bible, classic Quaker literature, contemporary Quaker and other Christian writers, and the classic mothers and fathers of the desert and monastics. Its’ a really nice mix, a blending, of spiritual writings and thought and experiences. —Participant

A feast: Chris and her guest presenters prepare a feast of spiritual food, calling upon our heritage and one’s present condition to provide nourishment for whatever comes next. —Becky, Participant 

Warmth and laughter on retreat, a blessed community

Warmth and laughter on retreat, a blessed community.

Community: The community that’s developed around Way of the Spirit has been really, really good for me, even though we come from very different places. The people are so amazing—amazingly open, amazingly thoughtful. All of us are in it because we want to grow and deepen. —Norma, participant 

Transforming: Way of the Spirit has been an extraordinarily transforming experience for me. God has used the retreats to sharpen my self-understanding and reveal important areas for growth. …The support and gentle accountability  the program provides has helped me to significantly deepen my devotional practices and disciplines of prayer, scripture reading, reflection on queries, etc..  —Participant

Presentations and group dialogue

Presentations and group dialogue

Learning and Contemplation: Each session of Way of the Spirit has been a balance of learning and contemplation. The blending of Friends from both liberal and evangelical traditions has enriched the retreats in ways that I could not have imagined. I have witnessed change and growth in my self and others each time. —Participant

A Huge Blessing: Way of the Spirit has been a shot in the arm for my faith life! It renewed my passion for Quaker theology, and helped me feel closer than I have in years to the Spirit. Blessedly, this opportunity came at a very challenging time in my life when I needed, more than ever, a strong spiritual footing. WotS has been a huge blessing — one of the most enriching spiritual experiences of my life!  —Natasha, participant 

Challenging: Way of the Spirit is a way to rediscover and develop more spiritual sensitivity towards God and community. … My spirit has been challenged and aroused by this program, and I dare not go back to my old ways that dampened and chained the freedom in my spirit. —Carla, participant 

About Christine Betz Hall

Cohesive Learning and Loving Energy

Christine has a gift of creatively facilitating large functions. Her exercises are appropriately time and varied to create cohesive learning and loving energy. She’s organized and shows deliberate preparation and facilitation. Her pace of presentation is purposeful. As a prior facilitator of corporate functions I know, felt and appreciate all that went into [Chris’s] work for us here this weekend and am extremely appreciative of [her] heartfelt commitment and professional expertise. — Kim Heninger, retreat participant

Laughter and joy overflow during retreat

Laughter and joy overflow during retreat

Easy to Feel Connected

I have found Chris to be a special gifted person, concerned about the spiritual unfolding of the participants in her groups. She is open and willing to hear and listen. She seems to be extremely well prepared for the various sessions and knows [how] to bring it with flair and often various examples. It’s easy to feel connected to her.  — Lous, retreat participant

Seeks Guidance

I have attended two weekend retreats, a year apart, with Chris. She’s always well prepared, seeks guidance both from God and planning committee for the direction of the retreat, listens very well and is willing to change and adjust her program as the needs of the group are revealed. —Anne Nixon, Ministry and Nurture Committee, Alaska Friends Conference, April 2011

Evidence of Preparation

Chris obviously brings evidence of extensive preparation to her presentations. Her ability to ‘make her point(s)’ briefly and move to group participation/feedback is an appreciated technique. These attributes, coupled with a deep spiritual awareness and avoidance of theological dogma are much appreciated.  —John, retreat participant