Inner Light Soap

Organic, sustainable, ingredients handcrafted by Jim Hall and other Quaker volunteers. We make “high fat” soap that is mild, smooth, and sudsy. To order, please email the details below to:

  • Number and type of bars: lemon honey, clove honey, peppermint honey.
  • Your name and delivery address: home or a local Quaker community in WA or OR

Payment Options:

  • Suggested donation is $5 per bar, plus $8 for shipping up to 28 bars. All proceeds benefit Way of the Spirit.
  • Write a check to Good News Associates, memo line: Inner Light Soap, and mail to:
    • GOOD NEWS Associates
      20403 Crawford Road
      Lynnwood, WA 98036
  • Or pay online:
    • Click Donate here or on the main menu.
    • Scroll down to the button for Inner Light Soap. Click. You will be redirected to the Good News Associates PayPal account.
    • Follow instructions to submit donations with your credit card or PayPal account.
    • Note “soap ordered” or “soap received” in “instructions to seller.”

Producing High Quality Hand Made Soap in our House:

Soap making takes over the Hall home for a month or so every year. Jim cooks the high quality oils on the stove top. Then he mixes, and pours into block molds, cuts, and places bars on trays to dry for several weeks. Chris and her support committee help label bars and pack boxes for mailing. Enjoy glimpses of the process below:

Recent Seeds Articles

Jim Stirs Soap

Each batch is stirred for 20-30 minutes. Jim has rigged his drill for the long task.

Peeling Paper off Big Block
Big blocks harden overnight.
Removing Loaves of Soap
Blocks are cut into “loaves.”
Slicing Bars of Soap
“Loaves” are sliced into bars. Jim made the piano wire cutter too.
Drying Soap
The soap cures for weeks in Jim’s wood shop, hardening and becoming the mild, sudsy bars we love.
Soap around the table
Way of the Spirit alumni and friends help “wrap” or label the soap.