Practicing Discernment Together


“What Fendall, Wood, and Bishop have done is a great service to the church, but also to the world beyond.  They provide practical ways forward in the central issue at stake in Christian leadership: how to lead in usch a way that helps people come to unity around a common sense of Christ’s leading.”
Paul Anderson, Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies, George Fox University

“This is a book that should be a part of the library of every serious advocate of discernment.  It is a very valuable resource for anyone seeking to lead his or her group toward a deeper commitment to understanding and doing God’s will.”
Don Zimmer, Board of Discerning Overseers, Worshipful-Work Center for Transforming Religious Thought

“With fresh, practical suggestions grounded in Scripture, the authors move us from the common temptation to falsely defauth to individual, ‘just the Holy Spirit and me’ decision making to how to make wise choices in community.  It is a much-needed resource for living out the kind of discernment that Jesus intended for the body of believers.”
Mary Albert Darling, Assistant Professor of Communications, Spring Arbor University

“The joy and strength of this little volume is that it is full of sound theological truths, insights, and practical suggestions that caused this reader to grab not only my highlighter pen but also to fill the margins with asterisks and notes!
Patricia Thomas, Recorded Friends minister, Wilmington, Ohio

“This is the book I have been looking for to teach others about discernment and to hone my own skills as a facilitator.”
Victoria Curtiss, Presbyterian pastor, Chicago, Illinois

“Full of wisdom, imagination and sound advice, this little book is addressed to groups of Christians (and others) faithfully seeking God’s guidance as a body. . . .  It will be valuable far beyond the limits of the Friends Church.”
John Punshon, Milton Keynes, England

“To you, Lon, Jan and Bruce I say thank you for the best book I have ever read on Friends decision making and discernment (and I think I’ve read most of them.)
Dave Kingrey, Mid-America Yearly Meeting

“Wow! How can I say enough good things about this book. . . . The reaction of Friends in the classes (two Meetings) supported my initial impression. It was truly “good news.”
Christine Greenland, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

“I love your book! Good Job! I’m so grateful to have this very useable, well done tool! Thank you!”
Susan Towner-Larsen, United Church of Christ pastor

“I just read a copy of Practicing Discernment Together, then I read it again. Well done.”
Church Orwiler, Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting