Christians at Work: Not Business as Usual


“I recently read your book, Christians at Work: Not Business as Usual. What an impact it has made in my life! I keep it within easy access on my bookself in my office and refer to it frequently!”
R.C, Ohio

“Christians at Work: Not Business as Usual is vitally important and inspired reading for all practicing Christians no matter what their social background, educational level, employment history, or current occupation.”
Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisconsin

“Jan Wood’s much-needed book goes a long way toward helping Christians see their work as a sacred calling.”
John Fischer, Author
What On Earth Are We Doing

“Author Jan Wood is a Quaker theologian and teacher. Her book combines spiritual guidance with psychological insights as it outlines what it means to be Christ-like in the workplace. The writing style is crisp and inspirational.”
Harold D Lehman, Provident Book Finder

“I found that Wood’s book can be a tool not only for the working world, but for the Christian journey as well.”
J.K., college student

“If you read only one book on work and faith this year, let this be it.”
Wally Kroeker, Editor, The Marketplace
Mennonite Economic Development Associates