Some ministries are avocations.  They are are callings that rise in addition to a persons’ work and relationships.   These ministries face  challenges similar to our Associates.  They need assistance

  • Becoming visible to a wider audience;
  • Having a professional ministry identity;
  • Finding a network/community of fellow travelers.

Affiliate Services is a fee-for-service  program that is designed for person with these  avocational  ministries that are consonant with the mission and spirit of GOOD NEWS Associates.

For an annual fee of $120 (twelve consecutive months).

  • Your ministry can have a web page on the GOOD NEWS website as an Affiliate.
  • You can identify yourself as an Affiliate of GOOD NEWS Associates.
  • You can participate in the networking opportunities that will become available with GNA Associates and other Affiliates.

Inasmuch as we will all be sharing our reputation together, there is an application process. GOOD NEWS reserves the right to not accept or renew an application that is not consonant with the mission of the organization.

For further details and application forms, contact:
Jan Wood, Director of GOOD NEWS Associates