Spiritual Direction

Just as pastors are like coaches for the church. Spiritual directors are like personal trainers for the life of the Spirit. We have cultural patterns that have taught us to take care of our bodies, minds and emotions. We can avail ourselves of personal instruction for exercise, nutrition, navigating relationships and learning anything from math to sculpture. But we are just learning that the same attention and self-care is important for our spirituality. Our spirit is the engine of our life. It integrates and empowers all that we are. It forms and shapes our eternal character. It deserves more than a passing, furtive glance.

A spiritual director can help

  • come to life-giving self-awareness about our own spiritual dynamics;
  • identify and follow God’ s inner voice;
  • make the connections between the spiritual and the practical;
  • be as intentional about the nurture and development of our Eternal self;
  • Listen when the inner material feels jumbled and unclear.

Jan Wood, a Recorded Friends Minister, brings the rich tradition of experiential Quaker spirituality to the process of spiritual direction. She has particular expertise in helping persons experience the Love of God and apply that to their process. She has background in pastoral counseling, biblical studies, gender issues, spiritual gifts and enneagrams.

Fee: $65 per session
First exploratory session is free