Organizational Consulting

Ucluelet PointThere is always an interface between the practical and the spiritual. All organizations—secular or religious—have an interiority as well as an exteriority. So it is no accident that in the last few years we have seen an explosion of books that deal with the spirituality of leadership, of education, of business, of ministry, etc. Jan Wood is a person who knows how to help both individuals and organizations get a practical grasp of both the practical logistics that improve success as well as the attitudes of the heart that can change to allow any organization to move forward. In the past, Jan has worked with churches, mission and para-church organizations to help with mission clarity, personnel empowerment, and reconciliation in the face of conflict. She loves to help groups get from”here” to “there.”  She brings to any consulting task—careful listening, creative thinking, mediation training/experience, and sensitivity to gender based issues. Her books, Christians at Work and Practicing Discernment Together are examples of Jan’s integration of spirituality and work.