Jan Wood Speaking

Jan is a gifted speaker. She has spoken in churches, organizational gatherings, camps, colleges, denominational conferences across the country. She is as at ease giving a keynote address as she is doing workshops and weekend retreats. She appeals to both youth and adults. As a Staley Distinguished Christian Lecturer, she has spoken on the campuses of Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana and Warner Pacific College, Portland, Oregon.

Jan brings an unique integration of experience and perspective that gives each presentation a freshness and depth that is helpful. She understands the spiritual, the psychological and the hard-headed practical aspects of our adventures with God. Both her speaking and writing are filled with “clarity and charity.” Part of Jan’s giftedness is to develop workshops or presentations to fit the needs of your group. She has the heart of a coach who loves to help you and your organization succeed in your God-given mission. Subject areas of expertise are:

  • Group Discernment
  • Christians at Work
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Kingdom Living
  • Self Worth
  • Power
  • Time
  • Money
  • Sabbath Principles
  • Living in the Presence of God
  • Our Lives as Witness–Storytelling
  • The Wisdom of Forgiveness
  • Transformations through Gratefulness
  • The Spiritual Art of Celebration