Message Transcripts and Published Articles

Message Transcripts

From time to time, I’m invited to offer prepared ministry at various events.  When I can and it seems appropriate, I publish transcripts of those messages here.

…and Covenant: Spiritual Gifts and the Beloved Community was originally given at Beacon Hill Friends House in June 2019 as a Weed Lecture.  It explores spiritual gifts and the meaning of covenant community.

Come and See was first offered in March 2019 in worship at a Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas Meeting.  It talks about God’s invitation for us and the relationship between faithfulness, growth, and safety.

Published in Friends Journal

Envisioning Broader Quaker Membership was written with Jennifer Swann and published in 2017.  In it, I share my own experience with membership in the Religious Society of Friends.  A second article, published in 2018, is The Grief and the Promised Land, about the necessity of grieving what is lost when we change.  And finally, published in 2019 and written with NiaDwynwen Thomas, Feeding Young Adults with a Taste of Abundance talks about feeding young adult Friends both physically and spiritually.