2023 Calendar

by | Feb 1, 2023 | WotS Latest Offerings

The year’s ministry calendar looks like fun! In person, online, or in print, the Spirit is a-movin’…

  • Continuing: Individual spiritual direction/accompaniment, in person or online
  • Continuing: Monthly Koinonia reflection group.
  • Continuing: 2023 Way of the Spirit program, Called to a Committed Life. Schedule below.
  • January: The Enneagram–Coming Home to Self and Spirit.
  • April: Publication of Pendle Hill Pamphlet: Forgiveness–Freed to Love 
  • June: Good News Associates Board Retreat
  • July 3-7: Enneagram–Integration to Grow Your Soul, five-day, in person workshop at Friends General Conference, Monmouth, OR.
  • July 31–August 3: Forgiveness—Freed to Love, Residential Retreat at St. Andrew’s House, WA
  • October 19-21: Enneagram—Coming Home to Self and Spirit, residential retreat at Mt. Angel, OR
  • Inquiries to Christine Hall: christine@goodnewsassociates.org


2023 Calendar: Called to a Committed Life Program

Jan 16-19—Enneagram: Coming Home to Self and Spirit, residential retreat

“What You Bring to the Table” Online sessions, Saturday mornings, three hours with teaching, spiritual exercises, and group reflection

    • Feb 18, Mar 18—Spiritual discernment: tools for thoughts, feelings, and embodied spiritual awareness; plus Enneagram types’ strengths and challenges in discernment
    • Apr 22, May 20—Your spiritual giftedness
    • Jun 10—Bringing Our Full Selves into Community—What Happens?

Forgiveness: Freed to Love — July 31 – Aug 3 (Monday – Thursday) Residential retreat, Union, WA

“Wholeness and Faithfulness” Online sessions, Saturday mornings, three hours with teaching, spiritual exercises and group reflection

  • Sept 9—Skills and Practical Applications: Discerning a personal experiment in faithful action. 
  • Oct 7—Integration celebration: participants’ reflections on themselves in everyday ministry